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12 Multi Millionaire Marketers Are Minutes Away From Sharing With You Their *Powerful 'Step-by-Step' Blueprint* To Making Millions Of Dollars EVERY Year On Complete Autopilot.

The Question Is... Are YOU Ready To Join In The Fun, Ride THEIR Coat Tails And Share In The SAME Success?

Dear friend

How would you like me to show you how to make a lot of money very quickly, fire your boss and start living the life you always dreamed of?

That's exactly what was said to me just a little over 2 short years ago... and today.. I am here in front of you.. asking YOU the very same question!

Now.. at this point you have a choice... you will either click away.. and stay a cyber 'tyre kicker' surfing for an answer and wasting yet more of your time and money.. or do like I did.. listen to what I have to share with you.. and very quickly become a money magnet yourself.. just as I have!

So, what's it going to be??

Now.. if you've answered yes.. congratulations.. as this is going to be the most exciting story you will ever read...

Here's why...

Not very long ago I was fired from my job for no good reason. When I was fired, I was one step away from bankruptcy and losing everything I had... and now... I make more money than I ever imagined possible from the comfort of my home... or even while on vacation anywhere in the world I choose to go with my family!

Now hear me out.. I know exactly what your thinking.. and your wrong.. what I'm about to share with you.. has never seen the light of day until now.. and bluntly put.. If I hadn't of done it myself, I too would have never believed it was possible either!

But it is... and above all... I'm going to prove it to you!!

First let me start by saying I have no employees, no "store",  no expensive inventory to stock, I don't lick any stamps, I don't post any letters.. I don't call anyone.. and no one calls me. All I use is a low-cost, basic computer and an Internet connection.

But what's even more exciting about this is that when I started... I didn't even know how to use a computer.. but that didn't stop me banking OVER 4 grand in my first 3 days of putting this to the test!

...I'm Not Joking .. It's 100% TRUE!

Now what I'm also about to share with you is my amazing story of how I did it, but I want you to remember one very important thing before we get started... I AM NOT a guru.. I am just an 'Average Joe'.. nothing special.. just an everyday guy!

I have no special skills, and would hardly call myself a pc techie.. far from it. But like I already said, that didn't stop me.. I made it.. and now I'm going to show you , my secret.. and exactly how to copy my "super short cut" to success!!

Now.. Once Upon A Time...

I was a construction worker who dug up the highway's and generally made a mess putting new water pipes in the ground. I make online money pic2 had given years of my life to the company I was working for in return for a wage that was just enough to get by.

Truthfully... it was just short of slave labour... but "beggars can't be choosers" as my Dad always told me.

Anyway, as bad as it was, this allowed me to keep an average comfortable life in my little 2 bedroom house and drive my little four wheeled 'rust bucket'. A hard worker all my life, I was never one to complain.

And then one cold and wet November Monday morning I was covered from head to toe in mud and soaked through to the bone when my boss pulled up in his nice plush and comfy Luxury company car... and... told me that I was getting laid off...

"WHAT!!" Me?... But why??

I had spent more time with this company than I had with my family. As hard as I fought for my job my days were numbered... 4 to be exact... Friday was pink slip day.

I realised that I (and my family) had never been safe and never would be if I continued working for anyone else! It was that very night that I decided that I would never jeopardize my family because some corporate "fat-cat" wanted another luxury car or to fatten his bank account!

  $105,000.00 In Debt.. Trying
To Be My Own Boss!

So here I am thinking to myself "what do I do next?" when on the TV the local news was talking about the current real estate boom in my particular area. And that's when it hit me - REAL ESTATE INVESTING!

Fast forward 2 years... working 18 hour days, 7 days a week trying to "Crack the Code" to Real Estate Success only to end up being $105,000.00 IN DEBT!

I was in trouble... A world of trouble!

And that's when my buddy Steve suggested that I start an "Internet business." He confided in me that he had been quietly dabbling in it and making a tidy sum.

Now I'll be the first to say that I'm the "hands-on-fix-anything-that's-broken" kind of guy, NOT one of those super computer geeks.

When my friend told me to start an Internet business I didn't even know how to turn a computer on!  Let alone how to surf the Internet!

Heck, just the thought of having a computer terrified me!

The $40 Million Dollar Man... And The
Secret He Shared With Me...

But that didn't stop my buddy Steve from seeing the potential in me. Just two day's later he called with the excitement of a 14 year old boy who had just gotten his first kiss from a girl.

He had (without my knowledge) managed to seek out an ultra-successful businessman who had built up a $40 Million dollar personal fortune from his spare room at home in just 8 years!

But what was so exciting was the fact that he was getting ready to spill the beans and teach others how to copy his own success at a secret seminar he was holding.

For the split second of silence that followed, which felt like a lifetime... my whole body shook and tingled with excitement.... adrenaline pumped through my body... but...

There was just one small little catch...

The fee to attend the seminar was $10,000 A PERSON!!

Frustrated, tormented and angry... I reluctantly turned and said no as ten grand was a just too much money (that I didn't have) for me to spend... well that's kind of a lie, I did have it.. but it wasn't mine... it was a credit card, and one of 2 that my family and I had been forced to retreat to using to try to "get by" with!

And that's when Steve said something that I will never forget.. something that gave me the "KICK" I desperately needed and which re-ignited the "high octane ambition fuel" that ran deep within my veins... He quietly said:

"...What have you got to lose that you
 aren't already losing?"

That was all it took. I was in!

Within 2 long winded weeks, both Steve and I attended the secret seminar, and although we were both very excited, we were also not quite sure what to expect, on the surface I was real sceptical, but underneath.. I was secretly praying that the guy would deliver "the goods" as promised, and put an end to my never ending debt... stress and ever growing money worries!

However, as soon as the Seminar started, Steve and I were completely blown away! Our worlds as we knew them were rocked!

No more than 10 feet away from me stood a regular guy... who just 8 years earlier had been in the same boat that I was... but now he was banking over $250,000 dollars a month on complete autopilot!

How do I know this ?

Because he actually showed everyone in attendance rock solid PROOF of him averaging an incredible monthly income, easily more than 5 times what the average person makes in a year.

Even before the afternoon session started, I was so excited, but I was also tormented and stressed because although the information that was revealed that day was incredibly exciting and valuable... it wasn't going to help my situation in any great hurry.

I needed more than just answers... I DESPERATELY NEEDED TO MAKE MONEY!

And I needed to do it RIGHT NOW!

My "sinking ship" lifestyle and family were depending on me to find a solution that would work.

I had travelled 300 miles to attend this $10k Seminar in a desperate bid to learn from this guy and I just couldn't go home without any answers... There was just no way I could do that to my wife!

The Biggest 'A-HA' Moment Of My Life...

Something deep down inside of me took complete control of me and at that very moment I made "THE" decision. For the first time in a long time I had amazing clarity -- I decided enough was enough!!

When the final coffee break arrived, I casually walked to the front and gave the guy my business card and asked if I could buy him a drink and pick his brains.

During that break I went on to explain to him my current situation. Sympathising with my state of affairs, he told me to meet him at the end of the workshop to talk further and said to me: "Tony.. you may be just the person I've been looking for!"

After the workshop was over we talked and during the conversation he suggested that I contact a very good friend of his - another Internet Marketing Millionaire that he had worked with on many occasions and who played a major role in his own $40 Million Dollar personal fortune.

His words to me were: "Tell him I sent you and that you want to be the first to try his brand new "Internet Marketing Home Study Crash Course"

When I asked him what this 'Internet Marketing Home Study Crash Course' was (thinking it was his way of having a joke at my expense.) You can just imagine my excitement when he revealed that it was...

An Unreleased And Extremely Powerful
 Secret Formula That Reveales How To Make A
6 Figure Income - From An Arm Chair!

This "Internet Marketing Home Study Crash Course" was created by one of the best kept secrets the web has to hide. This guy doesn't teach 1 on 1... very rarely appears at seminars... in fact, he prefers to hide in the shadows and avoid the limelight completely. Instead of talking about it... he's too busy making a literal fortune online... 7 figures on the last count!

Two long days later there was a knock at the door followed by a very loud 'thud'.

It was here... "Internet Marketing Home Study Crash Course" had arrived... and... for 4 days I was totally engrossed and mesmerized... I couldn't read or listen fast enough to everything that was being shared with me...

Here it was completely laid out in front of me:

The Secrets On How To Make More Money
Than A Doctor... A Lawyer... Even Those Stinking'
Thieving' Politicians - Combined!

And the way the System explained everything was so brain-dead simple... EVEN I "got it!"  It was easier than learning my ABC's!

By day 7 I got up the courage to actually try one of the many money-making techniques... and so... with my fingers crossed... a belly exploding with butterflies... and my wife's reluctant blessing... I conducted my first test.

I remember it as if it was yesterday... it was a Friday... and... we were leaving to for a weekend "holiday" with the in-laws -- 2000 miles away!

When I returned on Monday I discovered to my complete surprise that I had made...

$4,827.53 In Just 3 Days...





"This Can Just As Easily Be You !"

This was easily done "working" just a couple of hours from the comfort of my home.

The Internet Business lifestyle is truly an exceptional way of living.

REMEMBER, I wasn't just a complete computer dunce when I started -- I didn't even know how to turn one on, let alone know how to "surf" the Internet!

I'd say that attending that $10,000 Seminar was well worth it!

Wouldn't you?

But I don't tell you this to brag, boast or to impress you... NO... I tell you this so that you can understand that...

You CAN live like this... because...

It's your turn to discover the easiest way to making-money using the same proven system that I used to go from $105,000 in debt...  depressed... frustrated... angry... and an inch away from bankruptcy... to...

Living The Life Most People Only
Dream About!


Now before we get into the "meat-and-potatoes" of this exciting course, I want to be very clear that what you are getting today isn't some tired-old batch of regurgitated garbage you've read, heard or gotten from others.

This is the exact step-by-step 'paint-by-numbers' audio and home study 'crash' course on how to make money online that I used to save myself and my family from financial ruin!

You'll be getting 12 hours of 'electrifying', "rock-your-world-like-never-before" instructions and details on how to make money... and...

Lots of it... and... how to make it fast... super fast!

PLUS... you'll also get the complete transcripts to the 'entire' course so that you can follow along and take notes if you want. (Some people learn better by reading.)

And even better... you can easily burn everything onto CD so you can listen and learn while driving to your soon-to-be "old job!"

And... you can even put the audio onto your iPod so you can grow rich while working out at the gym... while you jog... or even while doing housework!...

Think about it: in less than a couple of minutes from now, you too can be listening to this amazing course and begin the exciting road to riches and living the lifestyle you dream of just like I did... and it's also stunningly inexpensive... as you'll soon discover.

You're About To Learn Secrets About
 Making Money Online That Most
 People Will
NEVER Discover...

But first, I'd like to share with you just some of what you will learn from this course... here's just a tiny sampling of the exciting information that you will be discovering within these audios...

CD1 - Joint Ventures

Joint ventures (JV's) are the absolute fastest way you can get started making money (online or offline)… even if you have no product… no "reputation"… no list… and believe it or not… no money to get started. Actually, just like Randy did, I built my whole online business on the back of joint venture marketing. And on this CD you're in for a real treat, because you'll learn:

  • The #1 deadly mistake "newbie's" make when attempting to set up JV deals - make this mistake yourself and not only will you not make any money… but… word will probably circulate online that you are a "bad apple" - and nobody serious will ever deal with you again!

  • The "sure-fire" method of approaching potential JV partners that will raise your chances of "sealing the deal" by a factor of 1000! - Just this info alone is worth whatever you have to pay to get it (Remember, I made $100,000 in my first 5 months online, and I did it all on the back of JV's and this bit of "secret knowledge")!

  • How to add one sneaky marketing component to your JV's that creates a "killer" money-making combination - this is the strategy used by the savviest and richest Internet marketer's - now it's your turn to steal their secret and join them at the top of the "money tree"!

  • The one question you must ALWAYS ask yourself before hurtling off and "knocking on the doors" of potential JV partners - this is so simple… but… so overlooked!

  • The very best place in the world to find "ripe" and eager JV partners - this is where the real action is taking place!

  • Exactly how to write a JV proposal letter - 99% of people "nosedive" any chance of being taken seriously by getting this wrong!

  • The most important "thing" you can show potential JV partners - if you want them to open their doors and welcome you with open arms!

  • The 7 step formula for setting up profitable JV deals! This will take you right from the "root-to-the-fruit" without any "road bumps"!


 CD2 - Niche Marketing

This CD is a blast. Here you'll be "spoon fed" the hottest secret to making money online. There's no doubt about it, niche marketing is the fastest, safest and surest path to online riches. Maybe you already knew that. But, did you also know about…

  • The N.E.T. formula that will turn you into a niche marketing ninja!

  • How to "zero-in" on exactly the right niche market for you - not so fast, it's probably not what you think it is!

  • The "killer" question you should ask yourself that will force a "buying frenzy" of your product or service - once you're clued in on this… you better watch out… because your bank account is gonna' swell to overflowing!

  • The "hidden" reason why niche marketing is the "highway to online heaven"! - Hardly anyone else seems to openly talk about this… yet… it's critical to your online success!

  • The "golden size" of a niche market - if you choose a niche market that's too big… or… too small… you're headed for a "blip-and-stutter business"!

  • How to become an expert in your niche market in 6 months or less - it's far easier than you might imagine (it only took me 5 months to bank $100,000!)

  • The "secret web site" used by all the people making real money online to check out the number of people in your "online herd"!

  • Why people that choose a perfect niche market… create the perfect product or service… and do everything else right… still screw up and never make the kind of money they should (rightly) be making!


   CD3 - E-Z Search Engine Optimization

You know, you don't have to know all the "nitty gritty" stuff about search engine optimization - (a lot of it confuses even me) - BUT - you do need to know your way "around the track".

Sure you can get a "techie" to take care of setting yourself up on, say, Google AdWords but, if you don't understand the importance of search engine optimization it's a bit like strolling down a back alley full of thieves and muggers at the dead of night - you're gonna get creamed by the competition!

          So, you're going to need to listen to this CD and get clued up on stuff

  • How to get to the top of Google AdWords without bidding on the most expensive keywords!

  • The importance of having many links on other web sites leading back to your web site - if you want to nail this secret to high search engine optimization there's one thing you MUST have on your web site - and it changes every week!

  • How to outsmart your fierce online competition and "jump the queue" to the top of the search engine rankings ladder!


CD4 - Cheap And Free Publicity

Wow! This CD is going to captivate your mind and hold it spellbound. Trust me, one of the BIGGEST secrets to online success is deploying offline methods. And, there is nothing - NOTHING - more powerful and profitable than cheap or free publicity.

After you've listened to the CD you will be a "media maven" and have no excuse whatsoever for making all the money your little heart could ever desire!

          Check out a glimpse of the treat you're in for…

  • How to use the secret of juxtaposition to make it almost impossible for the media not to "showcase" your business!

  • The 10 C's that - once known - will keep your mind buzzing like a chainsaw with one profitable news story after another! You've gotta hear about this!

  • How to become the media's "go-to-guy" any time a hot story breaks related to your business! Once you've got this cracked you'll become seen as an instant expert in your industry… and people will be falling over themselves to "suck up" everything you have to say!

  • A "secret book" in your nearest library that's waiting for you to find - and once you do… you will NEVER be at a loss to know exactly how and when to get yourself picked up and aired by the media!

  • Who exactly in the media to send your press release to for the maximum chance of getting media coverage - this will surprise the hell out of you… because… believe it or not… this person does not "technically" work in the media organization that you are sending your press release to!


CD5 - The Ultimate Relationship And
       List Building Guide

You wanna know one of the Guru's BIGGEST secrets?

It's the person who has the most highly target and responsive list that is king online. If you've got a list of loyal, eager to buy customers, then it's actually almost impossible not to make money online. But… how do you get that list to start with… and even more importantly… how do you keep your relationship with that list "alive and healthy"?

          Well, that's exactly what you're going to learn on this CD. Including…

  • How to use event marketing to build your list - this is one of the fastest and cheapest ways that exist to build your list… even if you're a complete "unknown"!

  • How to use the telephone to build your list - don't worry this has absolutely nothing to do with cold calling strangers! Actually, you don't even have to talk to anyone!

  • Why you must segment your list… if you want to squeeze the


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